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  1. It was not about messaging your recipient or gifter, it was about depositing and going to the Secret Santa event page in order to set them as a gift by clicking on the "Gift Items" button. It should mean that, yes
  2. Back when the site was still pretty new and it went to a newer, more updated version, when support was fairly new, there were some users that kept asking for ways of how to help/support the site. JLuki (was his name back then) brought this idea to Bat iIrc and Bat liked the image, so it was added.
  3. We have temporally disabled them because of the connection issues that our bots were experiencing not so long ago.
  4. Maybe Santa is trying to tell us something
  5. This is not the place for help and support. If you need help then you should post in https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/. Any bug reports go to https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/11-bug-reports/ Locked.
  6. This is not help and support. Please post in the right section https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/33-help-support/.
  7. This should be in the help and support section, not the TF2 discussion. If you did want to discuss about Secret Santa, then you should of posted in General Discussion. Any future posts/updates shall go into the following thread: Locked.
  8. That's because there is no support for the SDA. Moved your thread to Off-Topic.
  9. Not the right subforum. You also should refrain from making multiple threads if you are confused about it. As you now know, this is the right subforum https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/9-refunds/. Locked.
  10. As said many times, it's not their fault. The bots get stuck because of the API going up and down and the users eventually forget about it. When they get back up, the bots will send them a trade offer and kick them after 10 minutes. I don't know if to leave this open or not, because there really is not much to discuss and we cannot do much about it.
  11. The upgrade to premium gift as in ingame item that upgrades your TF2 account to premium. Of course, if you have not added money to Steam or done something like that you won't be "premium" in Steam.
  12. I did not have paypal linked to a bank account and I was able to add money to Steam. Of course, it is now. You also can get an upgrade to premium gift from someone
  13. Geel also is not very happy about said ripoff. But yeah, it is very similar
  14. Don't make multiple threads or else you will indeed get banned. Locked.
  15. 3xlneet


    Can't defeat airman
  16. http://steamrep.com/search?q=76561198199650165 No longer impersonating, forgot to post this I guess
  17. To start with, suggestions go to tje suggestions subforum. Second, you should provide an argument/reasoning explaining why said feature has to be removed. Not just "useless function" To finish with : Site/Comm banned people are not allowed to interact with the community therefore they get anything community related (even avatars) disabled.
  18. There was no evidence of said trade and from what the refunds manager told me, it did not look like said trade was done at all. You were told to contact Steam support and this is not it. Locked.
  19. This should have been posted in help and support. Please, do not use general discussion for said questions. Locked.
  20. I do not know why you even bothered in linking said thread or tellinghim to post in the right section. It is impossible to trade not tradable items without some kind of gift wrap (or that does not work anymore) This obviously was a joke, locked.
  21. Please, refrain from "reviving" threads which are dead/forgotten about. Locked.
  22. Please, check other threads as this has already been asked enough times : Locked
  23. Locked for making multiple threads about the same issue. Please, keep this thread going in the help and support thread that you made. Locked.
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