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  1. Locked for posting in the wrong section (you have to post in help and support).
  2. This is general discussion, not help and support. Nothing to discuss here, only help. Locked.
  3. Do not encourage users to keep posting in the wrong section. Locked.
  4. Locked for posting in the wrong section.
  5. A lot of people have already asked this, this also isn't general discussion, that's a question/you needing help. Locked for posting in the wrong section and not checking threads.
  6. We do not control backpack.tf and anything related to it, so I don't know what they are going to do.
  7. The petition got deleted for some reason, and most likely ignored by Valve. As Luki said, they began developing a program so bots and people would be able to have an emulated steam app in their PCs. None of the staff bought a phone for this, geel used the app with the bots and everything is fine. Also, if I recall correctly, this won't be as bad as we thought if there's something that goes in a certain way. I don't remember what it exactly was, but geel said so.
  8. This isn't the right section. Please, post in the correct/right one (Help and support). Locked.
  9. This isn't the right place. Locked.
  10. Locked. Please, post in the right subforum or else you will be banned.
  11. Because weapon banking is for normal weapons. If we want anything to do with the special ones then we add a new banking (like stranges).
  12. Please, don't make new threads about something that already exists. Locked.
  13. My thought is that this isn't the suggestions forum. Locked.
  14. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/begging
  15. Already been sugegsted a lot of times before, already been discussed and you can find the threads with the search bar. Locked.
  16. Wrong section, locked. You also should read what it's telling you.
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