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  1. No need to make threads about this, we pretty much are aware about when the site goes down and if it takes a while, it's because a dev/owner is working on it or maybe we are waiting for one. Locked.
  2. To start with, this should go to the suggestions forums. Geel barely checks the forums and would not notice, also we do not accept such kind of suggestions. So locked.
  3. Randomness and events, like the advent calendar I made with Jim
  4. You are banned for spookily disappearing and reappearing
  5. The ban is discussed in the user's ban appeal and not outside or with someone else. Also, the ban reason is pretty much public, so you should check the facts before pointing with your finger. Locked.
  6. It is because the bots will get to almost to none items in their backpack because they have to wait 15 days in roder for the items to come in and because everytime someone had to trade with us (when Escrow trades were enabled) the bots had to check all previous trades which were in Escrow, which made them slow down a lot.
  7. I don't really know how you got scammed as some facts from your story are wrong. Yes, you paid 7.55 ref for buying the ticket, but you didn't pay 3 times more the normal price. I don't know how you calculated this, but 7.55 isn't even near to three times more. Was there any scam with the tickets? Not at all. Teh bot parts are cheap because they are very easy to obtain and there are lots of it, the price just changes on the demand for them and how many in stock we have.
  8. Because prices always change, what we have and the demand that users have aren't always the same. Look bp.tf's prices for exampple, they are always changing and they tend to provide a lot of proof when they do, showing the offer and the demand. We have to keep our prices updated, so we update them as well.
  9. Luna pls. You are too sub for even claiming a subforum
  10. Peeepsimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~ Pep, pep pep. Pep, pepsiman!
  11. We have methods of finding out which users bot our site and farm raffles, this new method will help us identify them more precisely. I won't go in depth for obvious reasons, of course. But the other reason that the one who made the thread stated is true, we do want users to take some time to read the message that the raffler's put as raffler are more than a "OMG FREE ITEMS!", some rafflers want to express their opinions, feelings, ideas or want to have a discussion. Tl;dr a way of making the community care more about rafflers for what they are instead of what they raffle. There might be more reasons, but I am unaware of them.
  12. You only need to be patient~
  13. You should check places like the help section, support, the help and support subforum and the sort. Doesn't look like you have checked any of them if you posted in here. Locked.
  14. This is not help and support. Stop encouraging users to post in the wrong section, punishment might happen. Locked
  15. This isn't even the suggestions forum. And yes, as chemo said, we are not accepting any more suggestions which are about banking types, especially unusual banking. Locked.
  16. Any issues or questions go to the help section. Please, post about it in the right section, but before that, check the other threads because other people have asked the same/similar thing. https://forum.scrap.tf/forum/8-help-support/
  17. Locked for the reasons stated above.
  18. So people have time to withdraw their items.
  19. This thread definitely belonged in help and support. Locked.
  20. I am sure said mod (I know which one) checked other things like their account level or their duty badge (MvM). We tend to look at a lot of things which are not mentioned by the user who wants to be whitelisted, which can prove if said accounts are real or fake and other things. I can't speak on behalf of that mod though, but he probably did so.
  21. Locked for making multiple threads about it, there isn't even a video in any of them.
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