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  1. How about making it so that you have to read it 3 or something times with at least 1 month or something time in between, and after those times only when the rules are changed? So that if you're on scrap.tf every day, it would take you 3 months to get "verified". But if you only use scrap.tf every second month it would instead take you around 6 months. Therefore, if you haven't visited scrap.tf in a month and you're not verified, you will have to read the rules again. Additionally, you guys could change the rulereading badge to a being verified badge. If that made sense.
  2. I would like the command /explode to be added to chat, since we all know exploding is a fun spare-time activity. /explode would essentially be a quicker and much more fun way of typing /me explodes. That's it. Probably wouldn't be that hard to code either I guess.
  3. I think it's a great idea! You could have like if you reply to more than 1 person, instead of the names there's like a "@5 people" and you can hover over it to see the names.
  4. I would love to have a x10 server. Would probably also increase the amount of Quickiebomb launchers scrap.tf sells
  5. Banned for being dumb and slow
  6. Banned for soon reaching 333 posts.
  7. Banned for having an unevn amount of posts
  8. Banned for supporting
  9. Banned for suddenly turning into a pink elephant or something.
  10. Banned for making more than 111 posts.
  11. Banned for wanting to eliminate Sweetiebot.
  12. Banned for having upwards down e.
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