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  1. Hello.I don't wanted to say it from here but i'm waiting for 3 hours.Can you please take a look at my refund request when you become online.

  2. i need my hat refunded... the keys i sold it for did not show up in my inventory


  3. https://scrap.tf/raffles/9VRYGN

    how to take screenshot?

    i made my name public on the raffle, does this work? you can read my name in the raffle

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    2. Turtle Train

      Turtle Train

      it is a type of computer.a fig is a fruit. kids these days


    3. Deejonix (inactive)
    4. Turtle Train

      Turtle Train


      wanna hear a joke?

      what do you call it when a dino farts.

      blast from the pass


  4. I recently posted a screenshot of my trade history, could you go back and check my refund ticket?

  5. After I bought an item in scrap.tf the bot gave me one refined metal. but the situation is that I can't use it to purchase items I can just use it in the game. plz help

    1. Salted


      If you need help with the site please go to live help or make a post in the help and support forum

  6. Steam sent me a notification of it.  It pops up like a message you get when you get VAC ban while offline. I can show you my steam library of the game and I can show you all my trade history up until now, but it won't let me look at the VAC type notification again.

    1. lesse


      Not the place for this. This is a "status update" please use the "Help & Support" area.

  7. Tried to make an auction for my smoking doctors sack but your bot took it away from me without even putting up an offer plz resond I invested alot into that unusual! I cant lose an unusual beacause your bot screwed up!

  8. I got scammed off 13 ref + 2 weapon skins, I do not know how to withdraw my weapons and put them back in my Team fortress 2 backpack, if you could deal with this issue and tell me how to withdraw my items or you can withdraw them for me, this would be great. I need to get all my items back asap.

    1. Zaphod Beeblebrox the DCLXVI

      Zaphod Beeblebrox the DCLXVI

      Wrong place to do this, next time post in support under refund requests. 


      Doctor Quasar 

  9. A guy was going to give a good offer on my unusual (Hes the guy in the comments of the auction) and i rejected the top bid of pure keys at arround 1 minute till the end. The auction the suddenly ended at 0:40 and didnt even go through the "ending soon" phase.


    1. Luka Kostić

      Luka Kostić

      The bider still didnt finish the trade so is there a way for staff to cancel it or some other solution

  10. when i put in an item for secret santa it didn't give the item and now i cannot get bmy items back 

    they were:

    strange rescue ranger

    vintage ubersaw

    and a basic killstreak pistol

  11. If you're requesting a refund request, please don't send me a private message, instead, post a topic in the refunds WHILE following the required format.

  12. I have yet to have the full experience of the game, I bought it during the free to play weekend, -great sale by the way- and it's pretty fun. Haven't played much though as I'm waiting for friends.
  13. Yes, that's the way it used to be.  But that's not what the rules say anymore.  I think that change was made more recently than the last noted rule update of Oct. 4 2015.

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