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What makes a great raffle?

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IMO every raffle is a great/successful raffle as long as it has a message and a meaning.


With this I mean that the Raffler puts emotion in what they say and don't do raffles "just because".


Ask people how are they doing, tell us about your day, look for opinions on something, rant/vent about a certain topic, let people know that something good happened, let people know that something bad happen. Overall, just express yourself. That's what makes a great and/or successful raffle.


Don't raffle because your schedule says so. Don't raffle to get more "respect". Don't raffle just to have a lot of Created Raffles. Because then your raffles become an obligation, something that you do because you have to do it. Instead of being something that you do because you want to.


But again, that's my opinion~

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If someone wants to raffle some good items because they feel generous and can afford it, that's great.

If someone writes some interesting story, wants to share their insight or some topic, wants to show their newest art or stuff like that, it's also great.

Or If someone thinks just raffling something once a week with similar theme every time gonna be fun, then it's great too.

Basically every raffle that isn't made just trying to advertise something, so made without profiting in some way in mind.

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In my opinion,a good raffle would mean a raffle that has decent prizes and some sort of interactive story,or even a poll that makes the people actually read instead of just joining the raffle blindly :)

One thing i dont like about some type of raffles is the fact that some people use it just cause they are bored.They make a raffle with a cs go cheap skin and write a giant essay on something thats not related to tf2 or really anything that this site approaches.

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sometime, be generosity and give free item with raffle.. there no success raffle without participants. giving advice and tip on gameplay either tf2 game or other.. some people are inspired by raffler to make their own raffle series and it not just about the raffle is success but the meaning of giving.

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Any of the following:

  • Expensive items
  • Some amazing form of art, words, interaction, or self-expression
  • Having a cute avatar, colour, and/or emotes

That's...really just it, apparently.  From what I've seen, at least.

For me though, any raffle is a good raffle as long as it isn't advertising an auction or trying to cause blatant drama.

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