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You have just been able to get one free item in Team Fortress 2! What item would you get?


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You have been picked to be able to get one free item

in Team Fortress 2. Please state what item you would want,

and why you would want it!


If you don't claim this before August 9th 2066, this opportunity will be gone!

Also, if you experience any nausea or dizziness while writing your response,

please consult a doctor immediately. 

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A Strange Vintage Unusual (sunbeams) Collector's Genuine Haunted Self-Made Dueler.

Any item you said. Even an impossibly expensive, impossibly rare, and simply impossible one. 

(One guy put up a Dueler on Outpost for more than the entire world economy's worth. Proof.)

EDIT: Sorry for necro, I didn't notice the thread was a month old.

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Didn't know it was an old thread
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