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You're banned

Codename 50

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You are banned for being elected as the President of the United States.

Millions outrage at their TV's at the sight of this, and riots break out in the streets in many cities, and overwhelm the police force.

Crime rates soar due to the dwindling amount of law enforcements around the country.

Soon the citizens own most of the USA via force, and use these newly found resources to build a better economy.

The rioters are getting closer and closer to your door.

Your private security will only hold them back for so long.

You are scared, as you do not know what they may do to you.

You run to your computer to try and find help in the one place you think you might.

The Scrap.TF forums.

And I'm afraid that's why you're banned. You have no place here, as we have joined the rioters in the final acts of rebellion.

Enjoy what will be your last free moments.

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