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Scrap.TF Changelog

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  • Developer

January 12th:

  • Migrated from "user ranks" to "user groups" system. This is primarily an internal change
  • Opened up two mod tools to raffle creators: raffle creators may toggle comments & visibility of raffle winners on their own raffles
  • Changed some of the settings a tiny bit
  • Removed "recently traded" section from banking pages
  • Removed festive cheer
  • Fixed a bug where strange haunted/genuine cosmetic items would show that they had "kills" even without the strange part
  • Removed geel
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  • Developer

January 26th:

  • New auction filtering/sorting features
  • Comments are now directly reportable
  • Auction bans prevent the user from creating auction comments
  • Put some staff back on the about page
  • Fixed issue where trying to upload a background image would not set it properly
  • Fixed auctions being unreportable
  • had a balanced breakfast, was pretty good ngl
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  • Developer

January 26th:

  • (Undocumented) Changed auction API to default to the Steam Community Inventory API


February 15th:

  • Added the ability to use tips to promote your auctions by creating ads for them
  • Added an additional filter option for promoted auctions
  • Added the ability to see your previously tipped raffles
  • Added a message on items that are too cheap to be bid in auctions
  • :mourn:
  • Updated staff list
  • Report button on your own comments will no longer show
  • Updated auction creation page, it should be more difficult to mess up the formatting for minimum and maximum bids
  • Updated default auction title and message to more closely align with guidelines
  • Inventories should update faster
  • Updated rules
  • Fixed items that have already been bid showing up as biddable items on auctions
  • Fixed a bug where you could tip a raffle but not have your tip actually count
  • Fixed reports for spam content resulting in an error
  • Fixed not being able to report a user who has already been reported
  • Fixed groups with no associated color appearing in the name color setting
  • Fixed users with no special group status not being able to select the blue user color
  • Removed geel
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  • Developer

February 27th:

  • Fix being able to reply to closed reports
  • Fix consecutive spaces not appearing when viewing a raffle password
  • Fix issue where user flags were not set properly - fixes hiding of "join our group" banner
  • Fix tipped raffles history page pagination
  • Decimals are no longer allowed in auction creation min/max bid settings for keys. Use the proper keys + ref format for decimal key values
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  • Developer

April 20th - 27th:

  • Block rejecting currency-only (keys & metal) bids
  • Add a warning to reflect this change on auction creation
  • Fix incinerator stuff
  • Fix game banking
  • Fix report creation

May 15th:

  • Major internal refactoring & restructuring revolving around items, all services affected

May 22nd:

  • Fix an error when trying to load inventories
  • Added a "total items" indicator to the raffle creation page
  • Fix many, many raffle items stuck in a bugged state, causing lower raffle item limits
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  • Developer

May 30th:

  • Update 'about' text
  • Fix an issue with posting comments

June 11th - 20th:

  • Fix some issues regarding the "avatar hats" collection page
  • Get all updated warpaint images for weapons/warpaint items
  • Rename "avatar hats" to "customize" in the user dropdown
  • Add more years badges
  • Fix a terrible bug on the emotelist page

June 21st - 30th:

  • Ice & Fire Event
  • Fix a bunch of internal errors
  • Fix some broken pages
  • Add support for "profile effects"
  • Fundraiser fixes & improvements
  • Give out Ice & Fire badges
  • Fix empty vanity urls redirecting to the Evil Entity

July 1st - 2nd:

  • Fix even more broken pages due to internal refactors
  • Add the ability to pin comments. Up to three comments may be pinned. Pinned comments on profiles will not stop the source comment from appearing in its original location.
  • Fix raffling Steam items
  • Fix won raffle counts being broken on cache
  • Fix an error for logged-out users when clicking the servers tab
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  • 3 months later...
  • Developer

August 19th:

  • Added a "won" auctions page
  • Improve auto-leveler
  • Increase sensitivity of alt detection for auctions
  • Fix a few backend issues with trading
  • Add a string for users that are erroneously considered last online "52 years ago"

September 7th:

  • Add the ability to export your data through the settings menu

October 5th:

  • Enable Halloween

October 6th:

  • Fix an issue with offset comment ids

October 19th:

  • Fix the "player hits" strange part displaying incorrectly

October 28th:

  • Added proper Twitter integration. You must connect your account by logging into Twitter via the settings menu
  • Change "Raffle Type" to be "Distribution Method"

November 2nd:

  • Disable Halloween

November 9th:

  • Fix puzzle raffle passwords not being filled when opened in the editor
  • Fix not being able to cancel a comment reply
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  • Developer

December 8th:

  • Update about page
  • Fix mega raffle
  • Add a setting to hide your linked Twitter profile
  • Enable christmas

December 31st:

  • Allow specific crates in raffles

January 8th:

  • Turn off christmas
  • Fix settings page not saving settings
  • Fix raffle group I not rendering in raffles
  • Add feature for PremiumPlus users to allow them to have emotes in their user title
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