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How many trades have you made on Scrap.tf?

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You can actually find out how many trades you've made on Scrap.tf. To find out how many you've made, you must go to your profile on https://scrap.tf and click "rep.tf". You should come across a page that looks like this:




And if you scroll down a bit, you'll see the Scrap.tf section of it that tells you just how many trades you've made with the bots. So far, I've made 158 trades with the bots. How many trades have you made on Scrap.tf?


Screenshot (4).png

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There is an alternate way of checking how many trades you've done by going to your scrap.tf profile and looking at the right, It should display the stats of the user. Mine is 371 trades done, Member since September 5th, 2014.

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~950 here :3 



10 hours ago, BirdEღ said:

Uhhh I think I've done probably over 100+ idk

You have made 197 trades at the time of posting this. It is in the sidebar on your profile.

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