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Corrupt a wish :3


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29 minutes ago, Top_Pyro | ScrapTF said:

I wish that Raffle 6 could go faster


Granted, but everything else breaks or slows down along the way.

(Just gonna ignore my earlier corruption and wish since everything bugged out.)


I wish things would stop breaking when I try to use them.

Like posting in this thread. Seriously, why.

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It merged with a fourth broken comment ;-;
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2 minutes ago, Lukiday said:

Wish granted, but it is made by EA and the makers of Air Control.

I wish to buy a boat:




Granted, but its an extremely nice boat, and you must burn Buddhist temples while owning it. 


I wish that my previous and current statements were not offensive to any religious or atheist animals, human beings, plants, alien life forms, and non-living objects. 

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